Bulldogs News · 2018-19 Folsom Crew Athlete, Sam Scotti is headed to the National Championships!

This weekend the Capital Crew Men’s 8 won the Southwest Region Rowing Competition. In Crew, the Men’s 8 is the most competitive and prestigious boat. The premier race!

The SW Region, the toughest in the USA, is comprised of all rowing teams (clubs and schools) from California, Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.  It is considered to be the toughest region in the USA.


Sam Scotti is the only athlete from Folsom High School in the Men’s 8 and one of the best high school rowers in the country.  He and his team fought an incredibly hard and close battle against the well-heeled team form Newport Beach, CA and will travel to Sarasota, Florida in June for the National Championships.


Congratulations to Sam. He has worked hard for five years in a grueling sport to reach this pinnacle, Folsom, his family and friends, are so, so proud of him and his team.

Way to go Sam and good luck at Nationals! Folsom is Bulldog Proud of you!!!