16-17 FHSAB Minutes – April

Folsom High School Athletic Boosters
General Board Meeting
March 13, 2017

Meeting began: 6:30 PM
Location: Folsom High School

Members present: Janet Sutter, Lourdes Moore, Tammy Simmons, Debra Meyers, Anita Hayes, Jennifer Torres, Scott Friery, Nicole Spotwood, Doug Quiroz

Approval of minutes:
Motion to approve Minutes, motioned by Doug Quiroz seconded by Scott Friery, motion carried.

Discussed upcoming fundraisers – be sure to send them to Lourdes to be put on the website.
Be sure you get your books to Tina our CPA for Tax filing 2015-2016
Bank Changes
Personal profiles were handed out in the meeting. Still need:
Boys Basketball
Tennis (Boys and Girls)
Once these are turned in, then signature cards need to be signed by reps
Jenn has ordered checks and stamps for all the sports
Jenn is still working on Volunteer hours
Still need a Booster President, Please solicit your parents. Bulldog Bulletin will have another request this week.

Athletic Director’s Report: (Lisa & Ci Ci were at a conference) – no report

Treasurer Report:
No amounts changes to report

New Business:
Carla Barrow will take over girls softball one the banking gets settled down
Laura Bursee will take over Track.
Fireworks Booth dates to be coming soon. Anita to send to everyone on the Booster Roster.
Would like Lisa Finley to update Golf Team information on FB pages. Their successes are missing.
Next Month:
Vote Carla Barrow to take over Softball
Vote Laura Bursee to take over Track

Booster Meeting Dates: 2017 2nd Mondays of the month, 6:30

Next Meeting is Tueday May 8, 2017 at 6:30 (however Anita cannot make this date, wait for an email from here.)