16-17 FHSAB Minutes – March

Folsom High School Athletic Boosters
General Board Meeting
March 13, 2017

Meeting began: 6:30 PM
Location: Folsom High School

Members present: Janet Sutter, Leslie Woods, Michelle Wiese, Lourdes Moore, Tammy Simmons, Carla Barrow, Mike McMurtrey, Rich Klingensmith, Debra Meyers, Anita Hayes, Lisa Finley

Approval of minutes:
Motion to approve Minutes, motioned by Michelle Wiese seconded by Lourdes Moore, motion carried.

-Discussed upcoming fundraisers – be sure to send them to Lourdes to be put on the website.
-Bank Changes
J-ennifer has the bank requirements you need to fill out, she can do it for you in a group or you can go to the bank, your choice
-We are still in the 3 months use our old accounts
-Account numbers will change, you can get a stamp from the bank cost is approximately $40
-Parking lot money from October was transferred last weekend. Check your statements for amounts
-Budgets due for all programs– email to Anita
-Still need a Booster President, Please solicit your parents. Bulldog Bulletin will have another request this week.

Athletic Director’s Report: (Lisa)
-Please don’t hold Transportation Fees long, get them in to Student Accounts.
-Online Registration for Spring Sports is mostly complete. Please remind your coaches and students that if their physical was midyear last year, it needs to be redone again about the same time. It is good for one year.
-New gym is on track, will be ready by end of June. Looks good with backboards up.
-Lisa to remind Jen about Spring Sport Weight Room Invoices
-Discussion around participating in outside event of their sport if they are only “unattached”, don’t wear their uniform, or gain points for the team. Best to check with your coach on this to avoid the issue as with the FHS Boys Soccer team.
-Remember about the awards opportunities available to our athletes:
High GPA, Sport and Community service
Team community service
SDale Lackey Award
cholar Athlete
Style Magazine
Decent GPA, community service

Treasurer Report:
General: $11,024.76
Market: $14,024.79
Ancillary: $7,701.47

New Business:
-Carla Barrow will take over Girls Softball Booster Rep once the banking gets settled down
-FHSAB Scholarships – motion to do scholarship in 2017 – motion by Michelle Wiese, 2nd by Janet Sutter, carried
$500 to 4 recipients
-Deadline to submit is April 7, 2017
-See attached info from Anita
Next Month:
Vote Carla Barrow to take over softball

Booster Meeting Dates: 2017 2nd Mondays of the month, 6:30

Next Meeting is Tueday April 18, 2017 at 6:30