16-17 FHSAB Minutes-February

Folsom High School Athletic Boosters
General Board Meeting
February 13, 2017

Meeting began: 6:30 PM
Location: Folsom High School

Members present: Scott Friery, Janet Sutter, Michelle Wiese, Lourdes Moore, Tammy Simmons, Nicole Spotswood, Jennifer Torres, Sherri Berry, Debra Meyers, Anita Hayes, Doug Quiroz, Celeste Petersen, Lisa Finley

Approval of minutes:
Motion to approve Minutes, motioned by Scott Friery, seconded by Tammy Simmons, motion carried.

Discussed upcoming fundraisers – be sure to send them to Lourdes to be put on the website.
Bank Changes
Anita and Jennifer continue to work with the bank on getting our accounts setup under their new structure. Jennifer now has online access & can see who has online access.
Discussion of if we need online access, as we can only get to Statements and there is a limited amount of people who can have online accounts.
Many of the sports felt if Jennifer just sent our statements to us that would be great.
We are still in the 6 months use our accounts
Jennifer is still extracting from the bank what we need to sign our checks.
Parking lot and Fireworks money still hasn’t been transferred due to Jennifer not having access yet. If anyone has any questions about this, please email Jennifer – Still Open
Jennifer did call the CPA and sent out a complete email to the tax needs. It is included below.
Budgets due for all programs– email to Anita, still needed are: Softball, Boys’ and girls’ Tennis, Boys’ Soccer, Boys Basketball, Wrestling
Still need a Booster President, Please solicit your parents. Bulldog Bulletin will have another request this week.
Certification of records should be completed (please see attached document to the minutes email, bring this filled out to our March meeting.) – still need: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling

Athletic Director’s Report: (Lisa)
Lisa has a check from Les Schwab for $180, please contact Lisa if you believe it’s your sport.
Please don’t hold Transportation Fees long, get them in to Student Accounts. Lisa would like them in by end of March 1, 2017.
Online Registration for Spring Sports is mostly complete. Please remind your coaches and students that if their physical was midyear last year, it needs to be redone again about the same time. It is good for one year.
Wed 2/15 is the Spring Sports meeting.
Booster Minutes are online and Lisa posts to the website http://folsomathletics.com/ daily. Please send this out to your parents. The more traffic the school will make some money.
Spring Sports are experiencing some cancellations of games due to rain.
March 10th is the deadline for year book pictures – Send your own picture to Scott Southard of yearbook doesn’t send out someone to take a picture.

Treasurer Report:
General: $13,985.08
Market: $14,024.36
Ancillary: $7,701.47

New Business:
Men’s Tennis needs a rep. Raidah had both but can really only handle one. Please have the person contact Lisa Finley.

Next Month:
Program Budgets Due – email to Anita
Complete Collect Certification of Records and Conflict of Interest – return to Debra

Booster Meeting Dates: 2017 2nd Mondays of the month, 6:30

Next Meeting is Monday, March 13, 2017 at 6:30