16-17 FHSAB Minutes-July

Folsom High School Athletic Boosters

General Board Meeting

July 11, 2016


Meeting began: 6:00 PM

Location: Folsom High School


Members present: Doug Quiroz, Debra Meyers, Denise Smelich, Jill Hess, Greg Robertson, Celeste Petersen, Scott Denny, Lourdes Moore, Dawn Gyetvai, Lisa Finley, Dalene Malmendier, Kathy Bergquist, Mike McMurtrey, Janet Sutter, Tammy Simmons


Approval of minutes:

Motion to approve Minutes, Kathy Bergquist and Dalene Malmendier, motion carried.



  • Discussed upcoming fundraisers-None


Athletic Director’s Report:

  • A new full-time PE teacher has been hired. CeCe is her first name. She was an Athletic Director in her previous position. She will be working with Lisa. They will be splitting sports to better help the coaches and parents. They will not be bringing back Lisa’s assistant now that CeCe is available.
  • Online Registration and new website is online:
    • Registration
      • 300 Athletes were cleared by 6/8
      • 500 athletes were cleared by 7/11
      • Fall schedules are already in
      • Bus schedule is in
    • Website is: FolsomAthletics.com
      • Lisa and Lordes will take training this next week
      • Lordes will start putting our minutes up on the website once she knows the correct method and area
  • Coaches meeting is tentative set for Aug 4th. (School starts Aug 11th) Dawn to help with the food and coordination for this meeting. $1000 has been allocated by Boosters for this meeting.
  • Athletic Awards Night was May 19, 2016 – Lisa Finley would like to not do this anymore due to lack of participation of kids.
    • Suggestion to do an online video of the awards to put up on the website instead of the big awards night effort.
  • Clarification of Athletic trainers for sports programs, it must be funded by that sport. The person does need to go through the same training and vetting as a coach. Please send to Lisa Finley for this process.


Treasurer Report:

Balance of 20861.72 ($10,000 is the Intel check yet to be disbursed) in General account and 16,575.63 in market fund. Ancillary Account has 5,370.80.


  • Decision was made July meeting will be the last day Intel hours will be accepted. The check comes in by May, Booster reps and parents have until July meeting to submit their hours.
  • Money will be disbursed according to these hours with any leftovers kept in the General account. If there are more hours than check (top is $10,000), then Treasurer will prorate it according to submitted hours.


Pending Business:

  • Fireworks
    • Great success with record sales
    • Use of new online coordination website helped remind people to go to their assigned spot. No known ‘no-shows’
    • FAA meeting is next Tuesdays for final dollar count, once the check is receive Treasurer will transfer money to pertinent programs
  • Booster Program scholarships
    • One person has submitted their information to the Treasurer
    • Looking forward to hearing from the other three
  • 2015/2016 Booster year is coming to a close July 30
    • Get the accounts in order for CPA, she will need the file approximately in Dec 2016.



New Business:

  • New Reps:
    • Leslie Woods is taking over Men’s Golf approved in May
    • Tammy Simmons is taking over Cheer
      • Motion to approved – Kathy Berquest, second – Janet Sutter
    • Need bank letters for these two, Greg to work with Jen Van Tuyle to get these letters
  • Open Board positions
    • President – no replacement identified
    • Vice President – tentative Anita Hayes
    • Treasurer – no replacement identified
    • Debra to put on Parents of Folsom High School Facebook page a request for these positions. (done 7/11/16)
  • Note, our boosters raised over $600, 000 for our sports programs


Next Month:

Meeting is August 8, 2016 – 6pm


Booster Meeting Dates: 2016-2017  2nd Mondays of the month, 6:00


Next Meeting is Monday, August 8th at 6:00pm