16-17 FHSAB Minutes-October

Folsom High School Athletic Boosters
General Board Meeting
October 10, 2016

Meeting began: 6:30 PM
Location: Folsom High School

Members present: Leslie Woods, Jill Hess, Tammy Simmons, Michelle Wiese, Lisa Finley, Debra Meyers, Anita Hayes, Nicole Spotswood, Doug Quiroz, Celeste Peterson, Scott Denny, Scott Friery, Janet Sutter, Jenyn Warren, Sherri Berry, Jennifer Torres, Raidah Subeh, Celeste Peterson

Approval of minutes:
Motion to approve Minutes, Celeste Peterson and Doug Quiroz , motion carried.


Voted Jennifer Torres as Treasurer of Booster Organization – Tammy Simmons, Anita Hayes, motion carried.
Discussed upcoming fundraisers
Budgets due for all programs– email to Anita
Still need a Booster President, Please solicit your parents.
Certification of records should be completed (please see attached document to the minutes email, bring this filled out to our November meeting.) – still need: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Softball, Boys Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling
Conflict of Interest Statement needs to be signed by a few more teams, Debra will bring to the November Meeting. Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer, Softball, Tennis and new Treasurer – Jennifer Torres

Athletic Director’s Report: (Lisa)
Winter sports start 11/7 – all registration is due Oct 28.
The Physical form is on the website – please ensure they have the 9-09 form.
Pat Maloney is the new SnapRaise FHS representative. His contact info is 916-212-9394 – Pat@Snap-Raise.com
Weight room fee for sports are due – Lisa handed out the invoices at the meeting to those reps present.
Cross Country Parking fundraisers are Oct 15, Nov 12th good fundraiser!
Treasurer Report:
Balance of 17,059.64 in General account and 14,022.45 in market fund. Ancillary Account has 7,209.30.

Pending Business:
New Roster isn’t on the website, Lordes, can you please check that it is updated.

New Business:
Debra to look at her email list to ensure it’s up to date. I did check it, all the names are correct. Booster Reps, please ensure you have Debra’s email as a safe sender name in your email program.
Quickbooks needs to be up-to-date as the CPA will need our files in November
Bank Changes – Sierra Vista has been purchased:
We will need to order new check stock/books
We will need to redo our Signature form in about 3 months
This will make it easier to swap out booster reps after the changes are in place

Next Month:
Program Budgets Due – email to Anita
Complete Collect Certification of Records and Conflict of Interest

Booster Meeting Dates: 2016-2017 2nd Mondays of the month, 6:30

Next Meeting is Monday, November 12, at 6:30