18-19 Athletic Booster Minutes-April

Folsom High School Athletic Boosters
General Board Meeting
April 8, 2019
Meeting began 6:31 PM, Location: Room A209
Members present: Julie Seabury, Shelly Frost, Doreen Muscott, Tina Cahill, Jen Torres, Barbara Coulombe, Michelle Ray Davis, Jen Tarbox, Rich Klingensmith, Rayudu Appana, Carla Barrow, Laura Bursee, Fritz Pahland, Stephen Heller, Lisa Finley, Justin Peterson
Guest: Marc Huddock, Kori Arbis
 March 2019 Minutes: motion to approve by Jen Tarbox, second by Julie Seabury, all in favor – motion carried.
 Amend March minutes to include voting April Sheppard in as VP.
 Upcoming fundraisers:
o Men’s Volley ball with be passing out flyers at Quick Quack
o Sober grad night @ Chickfila on 4/10/2019
President Report – Steve Heller
 Look at options to promote booster membership at the Dog Walk and coaches meeting.
 Need to update by laws, please review and be prepared to vote on them at the next meeting.
 Booster insurance policy is still being researched by April. Please provide April with possible outside events such as tournaments, meets,etc.
 Steve reached out to our tax accountant. Tina will work with him after April 15th on the best process to submit our files.
 Waiting on approval to see if we able to have the Fireworks Booth.
Athletic Director Report – Lisa Finley
 Lisa updated the booster portion of the FHS Athletics website with the meeting minutes and list of members. She is missing 2017/2018 minutes. (Laura will scan email them over to her)
 Please send out email reminder out that if you have kids participating in summer conditioning they will need to be cleared before participating. Athleticclearance.com will start accepting forms on 5/1/2019 for the 2019/2020 school year.
 Coaches can hand out information to incoming students but are not allowed to contact them until after 6/1
 District AD wants inventory on all sports equipment including uniforms, etc. no later than 5/1
 Michelle Senior is starting to send year end invoices out, she would like them paid by Mid May if possible
Treasurer Report (old account)
 Account Balances
o General Account: $1000
o Ancillary Account: $1000
o Money Market: $967
 17 accounts are still need to be transfer to Well Fargo and the money market account was charged two $17 fees. Jen will investigate and found out what they were for.
Treasurer Report (new account)
 Account Balances
o General Account: $11,095.53
o Ancillary Account: $5080.00
o Money Market: $8,211.14
 Accounts that had less than $10k combined were charged a $14 fee. Wells Fargo had told us if we switched over no fees would be charged as long as one of our accounts had over $10k in it. Fritz and Steve are working with the bank to find a resolution.
Meeting adjourned at 7:59 pm
FHS Athletic Booster Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month, 6:15 PM
Next Meeting: Monday, March 11, 2019, 6:15pm in Room A209